Monday, September 29, 2008

Vero pictures

Vero Beach Trip

Vero Beach was wonderful! if you didnt mind the "rip tides" and "undertows" and did i mention "crabs" lol. it was fun i was so relaxed i thought hubby was going to have to get a huge "puddy knife" and scrape me off the balcony chair!! lol.. the breeze was wonderful it was in the 80s and just perfect. water was freezing but it didnt matter to the younger folks!! no way was i going to spend hours putting on a "fat suit" to get into "ICE COLD " water lol. so my sister Kathy and i just watched lol.. and laughed and laughed! the sites to behold were something else. dh even told us during his trip into the ocean the rip current got him and pulled his shorts off!! lol.. now that was a hoot for sure!! Kimberly our oldest daughter was with him shes 38yrs old and she was hysterical lol.. she was so thankful she didnt see this lolol.. she said if shed seen it shed been blinded for life and on a therapist couch for many years to come lolol it was funny and we had a good laugh!!!
that night Kathy and sat on the balcony and watched things going on!! what sites we saw! lol thats another story in itself ;) all i can say is STRANGE things happen at night lol.. we went to bed about 12:30 and they were all still partying!!! lol...
we had a wonderful time and ill share some pics here shortly!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall cleaning???

Fall cleaning?? yuck lol.. but were doing it lolol.. just finished LR family room and master bedroom, and ohh man what a chore! one minute im sitting on the couch in the FR reading a wonderful book (the Mitford Series by Jan Karon) minding my own business and the next thing you know i said something really STUPID to my hubby!!!! like.. "why dont you bring me all the stuff out of the closet and ill go thru what we dont wear anymore and get rid of stuff" WRONG!!! he did!!! lol.. so for 3 days i have been sorting and hoeing out stuff!!! 3 bags of trash and mix matched socks lol. (thats another whole story!!) and then 5 big bags of things that dont fit!!! now let me just say dh wasnt happy when he saw all those things with price tags still on them!! can i help that i buy things and forget i have them and then when i see them again ... they dont fit??? not my but it feels great to be done with that!!! woooohhoo i should be dancing but im too tried lol.. on to the kitchen next!!! lol.. but that might have to wait till next week!!! lol.. were heading to Vero Beach on Fri. to visit my sister! i cant wait!! ill be sure to take pics for yal !! im going to post a pic of what my Family room looked like the first day!!! lol.. youll love the mess!! but its gone now!! i know my friend Vanessa will have a fit. shes a clean freak and im so not lol.. but this did get done lol.. i need a pic of the after lol.. instead i took pictures all morning of Ms. Bella!!! lol..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cake Receipe

2-cups flour
2-cups sugar
1-tsp vanilla
1-tsp baking soda
1/2 -tsp salt
1/2-cup pecan nuts (chopped fine)
1-large can crushed pineapple (20.oz)

mix all the above well with spoon. pour in greased 9x13 glass pan. bake at 350 for 40 mins.


1-stick of butter
1-cup sugar
2/3 cup milk
1-cup nuts (pecans chopped a little)
1-cup coconut

cook in saucepan for 5mins at medium boil (stiring constantly). Ice cake while warm.

North Carolina Mtns.

Mountain trip

My trip to the mountains was wonderful! im so glad i went!!! Thanks Robin for asking me to go! it was so much fun! i walked my self silly! and i had such aching bones at night but it was worth it all!!! we left on Wed morning and got there about 2:30pm and just visited with my sister in law Barb. She had been keeping the girls Mackenzie and Sidney for about a month while mom Robin worked. They were so excited to see their momma! and she was so excited to finally get those hugs and kisses again! its been a long few weeks!! we all visited and then the girls and Baka (Barb) made us dinner and a wonderful cake.. it was a great receipe. ill post it next. it has coconut not my favorite thing but let me tell you what i i raked the coconut off and ate it lolol.. it was wonderful and im a cake aholic!!! the next day we went to town to thrift stores!! i saw this old really old sewing machine i took a pic to show yal. id loved to had it but i knew better! ;) dh is screaming to down size and i didnt need to be adding too the collection!! lol.. but it was cool looking! then on Friday we went to Waynesville NC. oohh what a beautiful place! it was so nice what a great little town to shop in! lots of stores and places to eat lol.. ofcourse Barb knew where all the good stuff was. we shopped and ate all day! took some pics of the little town too (ill put in a slide show for you) it was so relaxing and beautiful there. mountains in the background and hustle and bustle of the little town where i was sitting lol.. you that know me know ill find a place to sit!!! lol.. i bought a few things for my daughters there and then we headed back accross many mountains back to Barbs cabin. now let me back up here... this was the first time i seen where Barbs n ew cabin was. man o man was it nice!! she gave me her bedroom with a view of the mountains that was unbelieveable!!!! i just laid there and looked out the glass doors!! just in aweeeeee of what God had made! what a view!!! thanks Barb for that wonderful room! (pics on slide) ok back to coming home from Waynesville. we were give out and went home for dinner. Barb made some dinner. then on Sat we went to the flea market another Thrift store and then back to the Antiqe mall for me to pick up some old crocks i found!! i didnt get a pic of them yet.. and to good ole Walmart!!! lol.. then we went back to the cabin for another movie night and more food!!! lol.. it was such a good time!! i told them it was Summer Camp for me because id never been to a summer camp before and this was so much fun it had to be like one!! lol.. i sure hope i get invited back again!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Mountains

Im heading to the mountains (Franklin NC.) in the morning! wooohoo!!! my niece is going and asked me to ride with her. im excited but i usually dont like to go anywhere without the hunny!!! lol.. but im out of here! im packing now and leaving early hope to have pictures of my trip when i get back so ill post when i get home! hope to see some new items and get some inspiration.. although i swore im taking time off lol.. talk to yal when i get home! unless i find a computer lol..

Fall stuff

im done!! stuff is heading to the store tomorrow!! wooohooo lol.. im give out! but its finished! now im sitting here thinking... lol. this wasnt suppose to be florals!! but somehow when i started inserting stump dolls into containers i just ended up putting moss and picks of flowers. it looks great and they all have a light in there that lights up so i guess we shall see if it sells. lol. i sure hope so... alot of work there!!! lol.. well now im going to tidy up from the Fall stuff and sweep up moss and venture on to the next thing! lol. my friend Vanessa is trying to convince me to do Christmas things now. but to tell you the truth im not wanting too. now im sure when the lady that owns the store hears that she wont agree with me!! lol. but im just ready to clean up messes and just paint memory boxes and maybe some floor cloths and start enjoying the planning of the holidays and baking and cleaning lolol. now you all know im delirious right?? lol. im defintely NOT one for wanting to clean lol. and i dont want too. but i said wed have Family Christmas party here. soooooooooo i do have figure out a way to entertain and not have everyone sit around all this mess lol. i need to take pictures and share this mess lol.. NOT lol.. well i hope you enjoy the new slide show pictures and ill keep you updated as to what im doing! enjoy and thanks for visiting!

Fall Items

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Slide show

Well as you can see i put a "slide show" to show off some of my things i have done. and i cant figure out where to put it as a small thing! lolol. so were all stuck seeing everything up and big and bold! lol.. i did the upload from and they put it on now to go back and figure it all out or hollar for more help! lol. hope yal having a great day i cant believe its Thursday already! all weve done is run to meetings this week at church. Tonight is the last one and then on other things and appts next week how time flies when your having so much fun! well enjoy the slide show and i hope to add more when i figure out how lol.


Thank you Ms Cathy for my award! i appreciate that very much. im so new at this and i have had such a great time visiting everyones blogs! it was hard to pick just 7 but here they are! SUSAN Suzy cheryl Liz Kathi Jean Tonya

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Home from Camping

Well we had a wonderful weekend, and i sure hope yal did too! We had really nice not so bad weather lol.. it was hot but with a really nice breeze. It came a down pour several times but just perfect for sleeping! ;) and the misqutos were out but i had my trusty can of spray! and it worked! only got bit a few times instead of hunderds of times lolol. Zachary came to stay with us on Saturday and stayed with us till we came home. He had a great time on his bike and making skid marks on the concrete ;) what boys do to have fun! lol. We got home about noonish today and i took a nap till 8pm tonight so i guess ill be up all night reading! lol.
Looks like we got home just in time to prepare for another storm! Hannah is heading this way now. we have to get some more water, and some non-parishables. Praying itll turn before it slams Florida! well its good to be home! and i will be posting some pictures this week of things i have been working on. heres a sneak peek. lol. have a wonderful week!