Thursday, June 11, 2009

Girls Weekend

What fun we had! my sister and i and our daughters got together for a "mother daughter/sister/girls weekend" and what a fun time we had! since im the oldest i got to choose the "color" for the weekend. i picked "pink" since it all started out that it was a "girlie" weekend! and what would be more more fun than pink and TIARAS!!! oh my word we had the best time! people stopped us all weekend asking questions and taking our pictures lol now im sure hoping it wasnt for all the wrong reasons lol. but we had the best time. we had a suite at the Pelican Grand on Ft.Lauderdale beach what a BEAUTIFUL place too! the suite was wonderful and alot of room for all of us and all our pink things!! lol and all the tirars!! lol and we had a ocean view and lots of service too! we were treated like "Princesses" and we pretended to be for the whole weekend! i hated to leave i miss my sister so much and we only see each other 2 times a yr. which isnt hardly enough! were planning another weekend for next Spring and i hope my other sister gets to come this time! and my sil and her girls too. the more the merrier! and i hope my youngest daughter gets to come too now that would make our retreat the best! you see my youngest daughter lives in Seattle and were in Fl. so its not easy for her to just come on over lol. so thats our hope for next time! it sure was fun. if i figure out how to link more photos ill do that lol havent figure out all this stuff yet! have a great day and remember do something nice for someone today!


Cindy B said...

33hat a great way to spend special time with special people in your it!!! rock!

Kady said...

I've always wanted to do that with all the girls in my family but we never can get it organized. I'm so glad you were able to do it with yours. Great photo...all of you are so cute!