Thursday, June 11, 2009

Girls Weekend

What fun we had! my sister and i and our daughters got together for a "mother daughter/sister/girls weekend" and what a fun time we had! since im the oldest i got to choose the "color" for the weekend. i picked "pink" since it all started out that it was a "girlie" weekend! and what would be more more fun than pink and TIARAS!!! oh my word we had the best time! people stopped us all weekend asking questions and taking our pictures lol now im sure hoping it wasnt for all the wrong reasons lol. but we had the best time. we had a suite at the Pelican Grand on Ft.Lauderdale beach what a BEAUTIFUL place too! the suite was wonderful and alot of room for all of us and all our pink things!! lol and all the tirars!! lol and we had a ocean view and lots of service too! we were treated like "Princesses" and we pretended to be for the whole weekend! i hated to leave i miss my sister so much and we only see each other 2 times a yr. which isnt hardly enough! were planning another weekend for next Spring and i hope my other sister gets to come this time! and my sil and her girls too. the more the merrier! and i hope my youngest daughter gets to come too now that would make our retreat the best! you see my youngest daughter lives in Seattle and were in Fl. so its not easy for her to just come on over lol. so thats our hope for next time! it sure was fun. if i figure out how to link more photos ill do that lol havent figure out all this stuff yet! have a great day and remember do something nice for someone today!

Its Summer

SUM SUM SUMMER TIME! well its here already temps in the 90s and climbing! wow i cant believe its so hot already.
Well school is out and my little boy graduated from 5th grade. He will be going into Middle school in August and growing up! hes gotten huge! Graduation was fun the kids had such a good day. i do have pictures but nothing uploaded yet. im soooo far behind on updating my blog much less doing pictures lol just stay tuned ill happen lol. anway i asked him how he felt and he said "a little scared, a little nervious and alot excited" so i guess that sums it up!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thursday, December 25, 2008



The reason for the Season..... the birth of a Savior!! Jesus!!! His name is WONDERFUL!!

wow has the day gone fast! here it is Christmas night all the packages unwrapped and put away (yeah right!!!) lol. funny how you plan and stress and hope everything is just perfect and then presto whamo its OVER!!! lol..

we got up early had some coffee and then when Kimberly called we went with the camera and video cam to her house (next door) and captured the grandsons Christmas! and ofcourse Petey the grand puppy!! it was so much fun! then we came here for more presents for the grandson and he said.. "im sure glad im the only child" lol.. hmmm wonder why??? he got so many nice things i cant rem all but im going to try.. a new bike shiney and bright lime green!!! yep only my grandson would love one that color!! and he got a new portable dvd player. and some dvds and oh yeah a George Strait cd and lots of other things i cant rem! lol and lets see dh and i got a new set of portable phones and some new slippers, new perfume and lots of other things i cant rem lol.. anyway the best gift of all was knowing our children and grandchild were all safe and healthy!

We had a wonderful lunch with my Uncle Dicky and Aunt Theressa. she had the best food!! Conk peas and ham and some fried squash, deviled eggs,mac and cheese (not from a box!!) and some collard greens!!! yummmmmmmy i love my greens ;) and dd brought some pot salad. it was to die for!! two wonderful deserts and ofcourse we all ate too much!! lol. thats what holidays are for right??? lol


Thursday, December 11, 2008

is it really time for Christmas already??? seems like just the other day the kids went back to school!!! yikes time is flying by leaving me NO time to do anything!
well its been quit awhile since i updated this blog! and i have to say alot has happened since then. i prob will NEVER rem it all but heres some lol.

i made a tutorial for a Halloween dress for little girls. (never got it posted) and i thought i did real good with the photos too!! so i guess ill have a jump on next yr!! ;) and lets see. i have been sick. but doing alot better now. i know one thing for sure lol.. i PROMISE TO DO MY DUTY.. well i promise to do better in the future!!! i will NOT wait next time i get sick. i tried to doctor myself (any of you do that???) and it didnt work. i went to the Dr. and he gave me antibotics and some steriods and told me to do the neubulizer and PRESTO im better!!! lol. i have to rem that next time!!

im having "family" dinner here Saturday night and im serving Taco Soup, and snacky stuff, cookies, cake etc. im excited i havent had alot of family in a long time. 3yrs ago i had my family for Thanksgiving and thats the last time. so this should be fun! we all drew names a few mos ago. so we will also be doing presents!!! woohhooo thats the best part lol. i will post pics when the party is over.

Zachary my grandson had DARE graduation today. thats the drug abuse program the Sheriffs office does for the Elem. schools mainly 5th graders. it was good. and they were all so proud. i had to get up early for that lol. it even shocked grandson!! lol.

well i hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season! and remember the reason! JESUS!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

wow where did the time go???

wow!! its the middle of October and i havent posted an update! wow how time has flown by! i have been battling Vertigo for yrs. and its hit again! :(( i hate it and when it happens i dont do much reading or posting on the internet. its wicked for those that dont know. and i pray you never get it! but its some better today. so im trying to declutter my desk and catch up on emails. lots of things to delete too lol. then i happened to think.... i havent posted to my blog!! lol.. so heres what i have been up too these last few weeks!! lol..
hubby and i turned this house upside down looking for my laptop! he used it and hid it from the precious grandson ;) and he cant find it!! so he decided to start in all the closets and man o man what a mess!! i think i showed a pic of the mess lol. anyway its all cleaned up now and still NO LAP TOP!!!! so now what?? he swears he put it on top of the admoire in our room and the grandson cant reach that even standing on a chair... so now im thinking who wouldve taken it?? no one comes in here lol... so i guess ill never be able to buy another one :((
then we had a snake... yes i said a snake.. (my worst fear of my life!!!) come in under the french doors in my work area!!!! so i havent even been in there to watch tv!!! lol.. but dh went thru the whole room bless his heart and no more snakes!!! no more anything!!! so coast is clear again!!! i missed my own tv!!! lol...
and we had a bear yep a biggggggg BLACK BEAR!!! about 300lbs worth come up and get in daughters trash again drag it to the woods and stood there going thur it looking at us!!! lol.. it was sure beautiful. i didnt have my camera or id gotten a picture.. the same evening we saw it in her back yard.. it went to moms house (people renting her house) and stood up and looked in the screen porch window!!!! id died lol... but anyway i called about this one and they said .. "secure your garbage".. lol. im like dont you relocate them and she said NOOOOO lol.. im like ok.. cool now we have a big ole bear and its friend!!! there are TWO OF THEM!!!! lolol.. so stayed tuned we might find tigers next!!! lolol.. im kidding!!! i sure hope we find nothing lol..

Monday, September 29, 2008