Thursday, August 28, 2008

Camping Trip

Labor Day is coming! and so were heading out in the morning for the campgrounds! pray that the storms will stay away from Florida so we can have a whole weekend away lol. Zachary is coming with us this time as Kim is going to a concert in Tampa. I have NO idea whos shes going to see??? but shes going. Ü
Packing has been fun (joy joy joy) lol. hubby went to the grocery store today to get all the groceries for the trip. (he was going to surprise me) and he forgot several things and i was so thrilled i didnt have to go that i said "WHO CARES" lol.. we can always pick that up on our way out!! lol. ANYTIME i dont have to go to the grocery store im a happy "camper" plus he did all this before i got up this morning!!! lol..
The bikes will be loaded in the morning (not for me lol i dont pedal) lol.. i only watch them ride their bikes and hope they dont fall off lolol (hubby and Zachary). i have my book ready and some cards thats my idea of exercise!! and ofcourse with all the BUGS in the state of Florida they will all be out in great force this weekend! so i have plenty of insect spray! i hope it works this time!! its a new kind. i have tried them all. and just for thought. the generic Listerine (Equate) doesnt work! i tried that already and got eaten alive from noseeums!!! those are wicked little sand flea type critters here in the South!! horrible critters too!
well yal have a safe weekend and keep the flags flying high! pray for the troops and pray for the country!


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Monday, August 25, 2008


well school is back in session today! wooohooo last week the children went one day and then Tropical Storm Fay came and she took forever to leave Florida!! so there was no school the rest of the week. but its open today!! Ü

a few weeks ago Kim and i went to Gainesville school shopping for Zachary (hes in the 5th grade now!) we had a bag from Old Navy that said whatever you can fit in this bag is an extra 20% off lol.. well that bag was packed!!! and on the way home we found this wonderful JUNK place!! and we stopped and shopped! lol. we got out of the car and Zachary went off one way i went another and Kim she went up the middle! and we all could see each other but this place was HUGE and man o man was it HOT!!!! i found a bowl as soon as i got out of her car. and then i continued to collect!! lolol. it was so much fun and ofcourse Zachary found 2 phones within minutes. but in the end i had the most treasures! lol.. some i plan to paint and use for the store and some im not sure what ill do yet but i had to have lol..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Birthday presents!

well my day came and went! it was a great day thats for sure! i got to sleep in until 11am and i grabbed my coffee and came out here on the computer to pick up where i left off this morning at 2am!!! wow this template for this blog was much harder to do than the ones for but as i was pulling out my last silver hair.. a dear new friend Cheryl (tidymom) sent me an email that she would help me!!! praise the Lord!! she got it all fixed up and shes a real life angel! thanks again Cheryl!
now for my day. it was wonderful my family all called. and i was so happy as always to hear from them. and then Kristi sent me a present from Seattle and it got here today!! wooohooo herbal teas and candy, and a foot massager thing with balls and it felt great!! i love it all thanks Kristi and Jess! and my oldest daughter Kimberly gave me a much needed PEDICURE!! wooohoo i cant wait to go this week! and my grandson Zachary came in with a soft taco from Taco Bell!! he knows his Nanny loves food! lol..and then my sister in laws came up with there hunnys and we had BBQ in town and came out here for CAKE and coffee. and more presents!! lol.. i got books,clothes,cups,socks, perfume (Charlie ill talk about that another time lolol) and a picture frame with my picture of me in my blow up pool when we went camping a few weeks ago!!! and NO im not sharing that pic lol.. its a hoot though!! thanks Sue,Sheila, and Challan!! i loved everything and i especially loved the visit! cant wait to do it again! and my hunny said.. "you have the card get something for yourself" so im thinking...hmmm does that mean round trip tickets to Hawaii ??? or earrings??? lol..

Happy Birthday To ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!! wooohooo another
year older. lol.. just what we want when we get this old lol. but its a day i have always enjoyed because.... CAKE!!!! and its all mine lol. i LOVEEEE cake! as you can see in my picture! my mom couldn't cut it fast enough for me! lol. i rem she drove all the way to Miami bakery from our house in Hollywood just for this cake because she knew i loved those big cakes from that bakery. lol..

A few years later we went to get my cake and this is what happened .....

My poor Mom Bless her heart she was driving home with 3 of us. there were NO seat belts then let alone car seats! lol. and my brother was small and he came over the seat and landed in my cake! well not all of him but his foot!! i was so upset lol. ( we had plenty of cake) but at the time i wasn't happy! lol. (my sister Kathy and i are 18mos apart then my brother Billy is about 7yrs younger than me and my youngest sister Bonnie is 10yrs younger than me.) wow I'm old lolol. Its amazing how you remember silly stuff . but i rem the exact thing and i was so young and even the smell of that Holsom Bakery cake! lol. so here it is another birthday many many years later and im still enjoying my CAKE!!! (when my blood sugar allows it lol) so im sure praying it'll be low before we have cake today! wish my mom was here to help cut and serve for me. but shes in heaven and im sure she would rather be there. but boy do i miss her!! ill just enjoy my day with hubby and Kimberly and Zachary. and the in laws are coming for dinner and cake! lol.. ill post later what i get for my birthday besides cake lol.. have a wonderful day!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

GRITSgreens and cornbread

GRITS.... what it means to me... GIRLS RAISED IN THE SOUTH.. lol.. and greens.. well well if your born and raised in the South you will know what that means!!! fresh wonderfully home cooked GREENS!!!! yummmmmy!!! that would be "collard greens" or "turnip greens even mustard greens!!!" now i know you wonder how we can eat them..but they are wonderful!! you must try them!! ill post how we cook them soon! and last but not least CORNBREAD!!! the most wonderful thing ever! if you've never had southern cornbread fried in a pan you've missed it all!!! and these are all of my favorite foods lolol.. we haven't even mentioned yet CAKE!!! lol. and WATERMELON!!! ohh my word... i love food and those that know me know all about this wonderful problem i have lol.. but since this is just the begining of blogging I'm sure I'll reveal all my favorites!! Hope you come back again!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ms. Clara

John 20:29
"Blessed are they that h ave not seen, and yet have believed"

i have to say this is my favorite verse. i have alot of favorites but this one speaks volumes!

today is my first real day of blogging and its going to a sweet sorrow one for sure. our senior pastors wife Ms Clara went to be with the Lord on Wed night and her service will be today at 11am. she was a one of the sweetest ladies i have ever known. such a sweet spirit. she had been battling the dreaded Alzhimer's and it was so sad seeing her feel lost and not sure where she was and what she was suppose to do. but she remembered me! although she rem me from 2yrs ago when we went to the mountains lolol.. shed always say "its so good to see yal back. we have missed you while you were gone" now that is exactly what shed say for the last 2yrs! but at least she remembered me! lol.. i will always remember her. i am so glad i got to know her and she blessed my life! prayers for the Estes family. and bless you Ms Clara for all the love you showed everyone. we will celebrate your going home to be with the Lord.

my first post

good morning! my first post on a blog! wow! lol.. this is all new to me and i hope to learn alot real fast so you wont be bored to death Ü. thanks for visiting!