Thursday, December 11, 2008

is it really time for Christmas already??? seems like just the other day the kids went back to school!!! yikes time is flying by leaving me NO time to do anything!
well its been quit awhile since i updated this blog! and i have to say alot has happened since then. i prob will NEVER rem it all but heres some lol.

i made a tutorial for a Halloween dress for little girls. (never got it posted) and i thought i did real good with the photos too!! so i guess ill have a jump on next yr!! ;) and lets see. i have been sick. but doing alot better now. i know one thing for sure lol.. i PROMISE TO DO MY DUTY.. well i promise to do better in the future!!! i will NOT wait next time i get sick. i tried to doctor myself (any of you do that???) and it didnt work. i went to the Dr. and he gave me antibotics and some steriods and told me to do the neubulizer and PRESTO im better!!! lol. i have to rem that next time!!

im having "family" dinner here Saturday night and im serving Taco Soup, and snacky stuff, cookies, cake etc. im excited i havent had alot of family in a long time. 3yrs ago i had my family for Thanksgiving and thats the last time. so this should be fun! we all drew names a few mos ago. so we will also be doing presents!!! woohhooo thats the best part lol. i will post pics when the party is over.

Zachary my grandson had DARE graduation today. thats the drug abuse program the Sheriffs office does for the Elem. schools mainly 5th graders. it was good. and they were all so proud. i had to get up early for that lol. it even shocked grandson!! lol.

well i hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season! and remember the reason! JESUS!!

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