Thursday, December 25, 2008



The reason for the Season..... the birth of a Savior!! Jesus!!! His name is WONDERFUL!!

wow has the day gone fast! here it is Christmas night all the packages unwrapped and put away (yeah right!!!) lol. funny how you plan and stress and hope everything is just perfect and then presto whamo its OVER!!! lol..

we got up early had some coffee and then when Kimberly called we went with the camera and video cam to her house (next door) and captured the grandsons Christmas! and ofcourse Petey the grand puppy!! it was so much fun! then we came here for more presents for the grandson and he said.. "im sure glad im the only child" lol.. hmmm wonder why??? he got so many nice things i cant rem all but im going to try.. a new bike shiney and bright lime green!!! yep only my grandson would love one that color!! and he got a new portable dvd player. and some dvds and oh yeah a George Strait cd and lots of other things i cant rem! lol and lets see dh and i got a new set of portable phones and some new slippers, new perfume and lots of other things i cant rem lol.. anyway the best gift of all was knowing our children and grandchild were all safe and healthy!

We had a wonderful lunch with my Uncle Dicky and Aunt Theressa. she had the best food!! Conk peas and ham and some fried squash, deviled eggs,mac and cheese (not from a box!!) and some collard greens!!! yummmmmmmy i love my greens ;) and dd brought some pot salad. it was to die for!! two wonderful deserts and ofcourse we all ate too much!! lol. thats what holidays are for right??? lol


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